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          In individual therapy the first few sessions involve discussing what is bringing you in for consultation in all its detail, as well as a brief review of your personal history from time of birth until present.  This review initiates the process for you to begin to see patterns and themes that shape your experience and current life situation. 


          Once we have a sense of not only what brought you in for consultation but all the contributing factors as well, we can set a course for defining your goals and the approaches we will use to help you work towards those goals. I will also discuss with you where your presenting issues fall on the continuum of human experience and behavior, and whether you would benefit from any other interventions in addition to therapy to get the best treatment outcome.  Goal and treatment plan development is a collaborative process so that we craft the best approach to meet your needs and goals.  In some cases we may be identifying and working on addressing symptoms that you are struggling with, in other cases we may be working on enhancing your overall growth and development. 



Relationship Building/Conflict Resolution/Growth






          In couples therapy I spend the first several sessions meeting with you and your partner together to review what is bringing each of you in, the history of your relationship from time you met to present, and what each of you wants to create in your relationship together.  I also meet with each of you individually for at least one session to get to know you better as an individual, to identify compatible goals and values that you and your partner share, and to begin to develop potential goals for individual strengthening that will assist each of you in our couples work. 


          I have experience working with couples in all stages of their relationship. Often couples know what they want to create in their relationship but do not know how to make that happen.  In other cases one or both members of the couple may not know what direction to go in with their relationship. The first several sessions are designed to review the themes and history of your relationship, identify common values and goals, and then to discuss the steps that it will take to begin to work toward common goals.  Those goals may be to stay together and work towards   co-creating a happier more fulfilling relationship, or to work towards separating and changing the nature of your relationship. I work with couples in all stages of their relationships. I work with couples to identify goals and most importantly, work with you on developing a course of action that will assist you in meeting those goals.




           Alcoholism, family support

           Anger Management, Behavior

           Anxiety, panic attacks


           Bereavement, loss & grief

           Boredom, loss of pleasure in life

           Career Issues, work dynamics

           Caregivers' Issues


           Communication Skills

           Compulsive Behavior

           Confidence, Self-Esteem

           Coping Skills

           Depressed feelings, sadness

           Eating Issues

           Emotional Growth

           Family Relationship Issues

           Gender Identity

           Illness (Acute and Chronic)

           Interpersonal Conflict or Distance

           Life Coaching and Management

           Loneliness, isolation

           Men's issues

           Mood issues

           Obsessions, distractions

           Organizational issues



           Premarital counseling

           Postpartum adjustment

           Procrastination, motivation

           Relationships, separation, divorce   

           Sexuality (LGBTQ)


           Thinking,, racing thoughts

           Weight issues

           Women's issues

For more detailed information about Treatment and Therapy Approaches, check out the Treatment Approaches page.



                Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)

                Adjustment Disorders (Acute or Chronic)

                Alcohol Abuse & Dependence

                Anxiety Disorders

                Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Disorder)

                Depressive Disorders

                Eating Disorders

                Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

                Impulse Control Disorders

                Thinking Disorders

                Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

                Substance Related & Addictive Disorders








          As a doctor in clinical psychology and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist I base your treatment plan on a variety of theoretical models and empirically supported treatment approaches to determine what type of therapy works best given your presenting issues and where you are in the change process.  I will educate you on these options, and we collaboratively determine your goals and the approaches we will employ to work towards them. Your participation in the consultation or therapy process represents one of the most important factors in helping you to reach your goals.  The following represents a sample of some of the current theoretical and research based models or approaches to treatment. I would be more than happy to talk with you further about any other approaches not included in this list in terms of applicability to your particular presenting issues and situation.

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