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          I have worked in the mental health and personal growth field since 1983 and continue to find much fulfillment in my work. I see myself as a consultant or guide in healing and personal growth--a consultant who is an expert in helping you through the change process. I am skilled in understanding the full range of human experience and relationships and bring to the process experience in defining, understanding and working with the full breadth and depth of what you want to address in your life. I educate about available approaches and facilitate a process to restore optimal functioning, promote growth; and increase self-confidence, happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I enjoy and work well with both men and women in individual or couples counseling and therapy.

Dr. Donna Lettieri-Marks
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relationships are built on



In relationship work I focus on educating couples and facilitating a co-creative process that restores and promotes constructive communication, effective partnering and intimacy. In both individual and couples work I am an active leader in the collaborative process.  I specialize in helping you to develop self awareness, define goals, and achieve focus on learning and employing specific skills and approaches to understand and work through barriers that may have you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, hopeless or disempowered.  Sometimes it is one event that creates a critical incident or crisis in the relationship that leads a couple to seek consultation, but more often it is the gradual accumulation of a variety of small issues or incidents that lead to changes in the relationship (a build up of negative feelings or less warmth and emotional restriction in the relationship).  The most common issues that lead couples to therapy are either ongoing unresolved conflict or growing emotional and physical distance from each other, both of which involve communication issues.  

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My style as a therapist or consultant is to talk with you rather than just listen to you.  The therapy process is an active, collaborative process that will help you to identify what you want to achieve, define strategies to help you create a process that will lead you to different outcomes, and increase your awareness of the variety of options and approaches available to you. Confidence is built through our experience, not through thinking or trying to talk our self into it.  In therapy we work on increasing your confidence as we empower you to make the changes you need to create the life and personal experiences that will lead to optimal functioning, growth, well-being, happiness and fulfillment. 

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