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          Please bring your insurance card and whatever type of payment you would like to use for any deductibles, copay or coinsurance. I accept cash, check or you can put a credit card on file.  I will make a copy of your insurance card, and will ask you to fill out a brief form in our first session that allows my office to bill directly to your insurance company to access your health insurance benefit.



Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card
Blue Cross Blue Shield



          I am currently in network for Blue Cross Blue Shield  PPO and Medicare. I also accept out of network insurance (Aetna, Cigna, etc.) and can bill them directly in some cases, or you can apply for reimbursement of your benefit.  Payment  for any deductibles, copay, coinsurance or self pay arrangements is due at the time of service. Any amounts not paid by insurance is the responsibility of the client. 


          If you are covered by an insurance carrier other than BCBS PPO or Medicare you may still have an out-of- network benefit that can pay a portion of your session charge.  You can call the number on the back of your card to determine if you have an out-of-network benefit, and if so what that benefit is.  Any deductible amounts will have to be paid out of pocket first, and then your benefit will start.  We can bill your insurance company directly, or you can apply for reimbursement of your out of network benefit directly from your insurance company.  My office will provide you with a monthly billing statement to submit for reimbursement upon your request. 

Self Pay


Discover and MasterCard
VISA and American Express



          You can choose to pay for services out of pocket if you do not wish to access your insurance benefit, if your insurance does not cover services sought, or if you do not have insurance. I provide couples & marital therapy on a fee for service basis. Telephone sessions and coaching are currently not covered by insurance providers. 


Self pay or out of pocket payments accepted include cash, check, or credit card.  Services rendered may qualify for flexible spending account reimbursement. 

          Payment for deductibles, copay or coinsurance costs are due at the time of service.  You can call the number on the back of your card to determine these costs prior to your first session. If you have a BCBS PPO insurance card, call the number for Mental or Behavioral Health on the back of the card to determine your specific benefit (which may be different than your BCBS PPO medical benefit and may be managed by a different insurance).   


Once we receive your insurance information my billing staff will confirm your benefit and will start billing the insurance company for your session charges (for an in- network benefit) or upon request (with an out-of-network insurance) if applicable. 


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